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    Metabolomics and Proteomics Reveal Impacts of Chemically Mediated Competition on Marine Plankton Dataset
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-12-22) Poulson-Ellestad, Kelsey L. ; Jones, Christina ; Roy, Jessie ; Viant, Mark ; Fernández, Facundo M. ; Kubanek, Julia ; Nunn, Brook
    Competition is a major force structuring marine planktonic communities. The release of compounds that inhibit competitors, a process known as allelopathy, may play a role in the maintenance of large blooms of the red-tide dinoflagellate Karenia brevis, which produces potent neurotoxins that negatively impact coastal marine ecosystems. K. brevis is variably allelopathic to multiple competitors, typically causing sublethal suppression of growth. We used metabolomic and proteomic analyses to investigate the role of chemically mediated ecological interactions between K. brevis and two diatom competitors, Asterionellopsis glacialis and Thalassiosira pseudonana. The impact of K. brevis allelopathy on competitor physiology was reflected in the metabolomes and expressed proteomes of both diatoms, although the diatom that co-occurs with K. brevis blooms (A. glacialis) exhibited more robust metabolism in response to K. brevis. The observed partial resistance of A. glacialis to allelopathy may be a result of its frequent exposure to K. brevis blooms in the Gulf of Mexico. For the more sensitive diatom, T. pseudonana, which may not have had opportunity to evolve resistance to K. brevis, allelopathy disrupted energy metabolism and impeded cellular protection mechanisms including altered cell membrane components, inhibited osmoregulation, and increased oxidative stress. Allelopathic compounds appear to target multiple physiological pathways in sensitive competitors, demonstrating that chemical cues in the plankton have the potential to alter large-scale ecosystem processes including primary production and nutrient cycling.
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    Chemical Encoding of Risk Perception and Predator Detection Among Estuarine Invertebrates Dataset
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-12-07) Poulin, Remington X. ; Lavoie, Serge ; Siegel, Katherine ; Gaul, David A. ; Weissburg, Marc J. ; Kubanek, Julia
    The data files in "Archived PCA Spectra" and “Archived PLS-R Spectra” contain the unprocessed 1H NMR spectral data files underlying the publication " Chemical encoding of risk perception and predator detection among estuarine invertebrates."
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    Variable Allelopathy Among Phytoplankton Reflected in Red Tide Metabolome Dataset
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-12-06) Poulin, Remington X. ; Poulson-Ellestad, Kelsey L. ; Roy, Jessie S. ; Kubanek, Julia
    Dataset for Harmful Algae Manuscript titled: "Variable allelopathy among phytoplankton reflected in red tide metabolome"