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    ML@GT Lab presents LAB LIGHTNING TALKS 2020
    ( 2020-12-04) AlRegib, Ghassan ; Chau, Duen Horng ; Chava, Sudheer ; Cohen, Morris B. ; Davenport, Mark A. ; Desai, Deven ; Dovrolis, Constantine ; Essa, Irfan ; Gupta, Swati ; Huo, Xiaoming ; Kira, Zsolt ; Li, Jing ; Maguluri, Siva Theja ; Pananjady, Ashwin ; Prakash, B. Aditya ; Riedl, Mark O. ; Romberg, Justin ; Xie, Yao ; Zhang, Xiuwei ; Georgia Institute of Technology. Machine Learning ; Georgia Institute of Technology. School of Computational Science and Engineering ; Georgia Institute of Technology. School of Computer Science ; Georgia Institute of Technology. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering ; Georgia Institute of Technology. School of Interactive Computing ; Georgia Institute of Technology. School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Labs affiliated with the Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) will have the opportunity to share their research interests, work, and unique aspects of their lab in three minutes or less to interested graduate students, Georgia Tech faculty, and members of the public. Participating labs include: Yao’s Group - Yao Xie, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial Systems and Engineering (ISyE); Huo Lab - Xiaoming Huo, ISyE; LF Radio Lab – Morris Cohen, School of Electrical Computing and Engineering (ECE); Polo Club of Data Science – Polo Chau, CSE; Network Science – Constantine Dovrolis, School of Computer Science; CLAWS – Srijan Kumar, CSE; Control, Optimization, Algorithms, and Randomness (COAR) Lab – Siva Theja Maguluri, ISyE; Entertainment Intelligence Lab and Human Centered AI Lab – Mark Riedl, IC; Social and Language Technologies (SALT) Lab – Diyi Yang, IC; FATHOM Research Group – Swati Gupta, ISyE; Zhang's CompBio Lab – Xiuwei Zhang, CSE; Statistical Machine Learning - Ashwin Pananjady, ISyE and ECE; AdityaLab - B. Aditya Prakash, CSE; OLIVES - Ghassan AlRegib, ECE; Robotics Perception and Learning (RIPL) – Zsolt Kira, IC; Eye-Team - Irfan Essa, IC; and Mark Davenport, ECE.