Walker, Bruce N.

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    The Use of Different Technologies During a Medical Interview: Effects on Perceived Quality of Care
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-10) Caldwell, Britt ; DeBlasio, Julia M. ; Jacko, Julie A. ; Kintz, Erin ; Lyons, Kent ; Mauney, Lisa M. ; Starner, Thad ; Walker, Bruce N.
    This two-phase study examines a physician’s use of one of five different types of technology to note a patient’s symptoms during the medical interview. In this between-subjects design, 342 undergraduates viewed one of several videos that demonstrated one condition of the doctor/patient interaction. After viewing the interaction, each participant completed a series of questionnaires that evaluated their general satisfaction with the quality of care demonstrated in the medical interview. A main effect of technology condition was present in both phases. Further, in Phase 2 we found that drawing the participant’s attention to the type of technology used has a divergent effect on their general satisfaction with the doctor/patient interaction depending on the technology condition. These findings have implications for healthcare providers such as how to address technology and which type of technology to use.
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    Advanced Auditory Menus
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007) Yalla, Pavani ; Walker, Bruce N.