Mulholland, James A.

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Emission Studies of Carpet as an Alternative Fuel

2004-05-10 , Mulholland, James A. , Lemieux, Paul , Realff, Matthew J.

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Carpet as a Fuel in Cement Kilns

2003-05-12 , Realff, Matthew J. , Mulholland, James A. , Lemieux, Paul

The use of carpet in cement kilns is a potential mechanism to build infrastructure for carpet recycling at a large scale. This presentation describes trials that were done at the EPA test kiln at Research Triangle Park. The trials focused on assessing the NO emissions and any associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), or other products of incomplete combustion (PIC) emissions from burning Nylon 66 carpet. Preliminary analysis of the results showed that the conversion of nitrogen in the carpet to NO was only about 4-8% of the nitrogen content. There was only minimal increase in the emissions of benzene, PAHs, and other PICs. No mercury was detected from the combustion of the carpeting.