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    Decay, Maintenance and Repair Symposium - Session Three
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-04-13) Brown, Joe ; Frost, J. David ; Usselman, Steven W.
    Joe Brown - TITLE: "Reliability and Resilience: Drinking Water Infrastructure in Rural Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Pakistan". This presentation describes nationalscale surveys of rural drinking water supplies in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, with a focus on service reliability, resilience, and equity across multiple dimensions. In at least three countries, water source type was a determinant of service reliability, regular tariff payments were linked with reduced reliability, and the number of water sources households used was negatively associated with reliability. We will discuss implications for development of drinking water infrastructure in low-income settings.
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    Visualizing Computer History's Archives
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-01-19) Allen, Kera J. ; Shelby, Renee ; Usselman, Steven W.
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    21st Century Liberal Arts
    ( 2016-12-02) Bankoff, Joe ; Goldbart, Paul ; Husbands Fealing, Kaye ; Laband, David ; Potts, Colin ; Royster, Jacqueline ; Stenport, Anna ; Usselman, Steven W. ; Utz, Richard ; Wepfer, William
    The ICLAST interdisciplinary research discussion series is designed to encourage research collaborations and to disseminate research to faculty, post doctoral fellows, and masters and undergraduate students across the College and campus. Panelists from different Georgia Tech units present their research on a common topic linking the liberal arts, sciences, and technology.
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    Metropolitan American in a Globalizing Age: Inequalities and Opportunities
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-04-22) Amsterdam, Daniel ; Higginbotham, Elizabeth ; Needham, Andrew ; Nicolaides, Rebecca ; Shapiro, Thomas ; Usselman, Steven W.
    This keynote panel presentation, a part of the Metropolitan America in a Globalizing Age: Inequalities and Opportunities symposium hosted by the School of History and Sociology at Georgia Tech, seeks to investigate various dimensions of inequality, metropolitan development, and the impact of America's heightened globalization since roughly 1970. It especially seeks to foster a discussion between sociologists and historians to help forge a path for future inquiry. Through a series of plenary and smaller sessions featuring preeminent scholars, "Metropolitan America in a Globalizing Age" aims to move toward a compelling, usable account of metropolitan America's recent past.
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    Energy and Security in History, Technology, and Society
    ( 2015-02-06) Brown, Marilyn A. ; Lieuwen, Timothy C. ; Moreno-Cruz, Juan ; Stulberg, Adam ; Usselman, Steven W.
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    Industrial Materials and The Crystal Palace
    ( 2014-09-03) Usselman, Steven W.
    Steve Usselman, Chair of the School of History, Technology, and Society, will provide critical information about the growing scope and efficiency of industrial production, particularly of coal and iron, which were critical to the feasibility of the project.