Tovey, Craig A.

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    Improving Operations at Manheim Seattle
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-12-10) Fetic, Sanin ; Gordillo, Alejandro ; Gouws, Jacques ; Guzman, Jorge ; Mills, Lindsay ; Reinhard, Margaret ; Tovey, Craig A.
    The team recommended facility and operational changes for Manheim, the world's largest automobile resale company, at its Seattle site. The changes should increase net revenue by 14%, or $5.4 million annually, at a capital cost of $850,000. The team also clarified the impact of short queues during auctions, and performed a pilot study productivity comparison of 77 auction sites. Because of the company-wide implications of these analyses, the group will reprise its report at the parent company headquarters, Cox enterprises, to executives of both companies. Recommendations were derived from innovative data capture, detailed simulations, 3D facility layout models, and optimization-based productivity assessment.