Tovey, Craig A.

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    Greedy Mapping of Terrain
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001) Koenig, Sven ; Halliburton, William ; Tovey, Craig A.
    We study a greedy mapping method that always moves the robot from its current location to the closest location that it has not visited (or observed) yet, until the terrain is mapped. Although one does not expect such a simple mapping method to minimize the travel distance of the robot, we present analytical results that show (perhaps surprisingly) that the travel distance of the robot is reasonably small. This is interesting because greedy mapping has a number of desirable properties. It is simple to implement and integrate into complete robot architectures. It does not need to have control of the robot at all times, takes advantage of prior knowledge about parts of the terrain (if available), and can be used by several robots cooperatively.
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    New Ramsey Bounds from Cyclic Graphs of Prime Order
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995-09) Calkin, Neil J. ; Erdös, Paul ; Tovey, Craig A.
    We present new explicit lower bounds for some Ramsey numbers. All the graphs are cyclic, and are on a prime number of vertices. We give a partial probabilistic analysis which suggests that the cyclic Ramsey numbers grow exponentially. We show that the standard expectation arguments are insu cient to prove such a result. These arguments motivated our searching for Ramsey graphs of prime order.
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    PYI (Presidential Young Investigator): computational complexity and rescheduling algorithms
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1985-07) Tovey, Craig A.
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    Sensitivity analysis and rescheduling algorithms for one-stage scheduling program
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1983) Tovey, Craig A.