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Development of a label free glycan arrays for the detection of prostate cancer

2014-04 , Adibi, Ali

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Functional integrated phononic crystal structures for wireless applications

2012-08 , Adibi, Ali

This NSF-supported research is directed toward realizing and characterizing two-dimensional (2D) periodic structures with embedded acoustic wave scatterers in a background solid slab for integrable acoustic wave devices for communications applications. To achieve this goal, as was suggested in our original proposal, our approach can be summarized in the following four categories: 1) Development of high performance fundamental PnC devices (cavities and waveguides) 2) Development of functional PnC slab devices based on the PnC slabs cavities and waveguides 3) Development of optimized fabrication processes for PnC structures 4) Characterization of PnC devices

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Chip-scale WDM devices using photonic crystals

2006-08-31 , Adibi, Ali