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A Temperature-Insensitive Third-Order Coupled-Resonator Filter for On-Chip Terabit/s Optical Interconnects

2010-12 , Li, Qing , Yegnanarayanan, Siva , Soltani, Mohammad , Alipour, Payam , Adibi, Ali

We design and demonstrate a temperature-insensitive third-order coupled-resonator filter in the silicon-on-insulator platform for on-chip terabit/s optical interconnects. Optimum filter design enables up to 21 flat-band filter channels with more than 10 dB through-port extinction, more than 0.75-nm 3-dB bandwidth, and less than 1-dB insertion loss. By overlaying a negative thermo-optic coefficient polymer cladding on top of the silicon device, the sensitivity of the filter performance to the ambient temperature variations is significantly reduced. Moreover, through careful balancing between the dispersion of the bandwidth and the thermal property of the filter, the redundant bandwidth of filter channels due to dispersion is employed as thermal guard bands. As a result, the filter can accommodate 21 wavelength-division-multiplexing channels with data rates up to 100 Gb/s per wavelength channel while providing sufficient thermal guard bands to tolerate more than 15 C temperature fluctuations in the on-chip environment.

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Sustained GHz oscillations in ultra-high Q silicon microresonators

2009 , Soltani, Mohammad , Yegnanarayanan, Siva , Li, Qing , Atabaki, Amir , Eftekhar, Ali A. , Adibi, Ali

We report the experimental observation of long-sustained GHz electronic oscillations resulting from coupled electron-photon dynamics in ultra-high-Q Si microdisk resonators with CW pumping. Theoretical analysis identifies conditions for steady-state GHz oscillations while suppressing thermal oscillations.

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Large-scale array of small high-Q microdisk resonators for on-chip spectral analysis

2009-10 , Soltani, Mohammad , Li, Qing , Yegnanarayanan, Siva , Momeni, Babak , Eftekhar, Ali Asghar , Adibi, Ali

We demonstrate on-chip, large-scale arrays of small high-Q microdisk resonators, suitable for both in-plane coupling and out-of-plane (imaging) spectral analysis devices with high resolution (linewidth < 50pm to 0.5nm), and large FSR (> 50nm).

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Sub-microsecond thermal reconfiguration of silicon photonic devices

2009-10 , Atabaki, Amir H. , Eftekhar, Ali A. , Yegnanarayanan, Siva , Adibi, Ali

Using the experimental data we show the possibility of sub-microsecond reconfiguration of silicon photonics microresonators through pulse shaping of micro-heater excitation. Also, a novel heater structure based on small microdisk resonators with sub-hundred-nanosecond reconfiguration speed is proposed and investigated theoretically.