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How to Write a Winning Proposal

2010-04-29 , French, Steven P. , Borello, Lisa , Eastman, Charles M. , Sprigle, Stephen

The workshop focused on how to prepare a successful research proposal. Dr. Steven French, McKenney Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Architecture lead the workshop. A panel of faculty and staff responded to faculty questions about the structure and mechanics of proposal writing. Panelists included: Ms. Lisa Borello, a research coordinator in the School of Building Construction who specializes in grant proposals and editing scholarly work. Dr. Stephen Sprigle, a professor with joint appointment in Industrial Design and Applied Physiology, Interim Chair of the School of Industrial Design, and a lead researcher at the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access. Professor Chuck Eastman, who holds a joint appointment in the Colleges of Architecture and Computing, is one of the pioneer researchers in the area of Building Information

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South Fulton Parkway plan

1999 , French, Steven P.

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Risk Assessment: Estimating the Consequences of Earthquakes and Other Natural Hazards

2008-09-25 , French, Steven P.

Dr. Steven French, Professor, City and Regional Planning; and Director, Center for Geographic Information Systems presented his research as part of the fall 2008 COA Research Forum talk series.

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Research in support of crime prevention through environmental design studies

1998 , French, Steven P.

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Alternative Land Use Futures: Metropolitan Atlanta 2025

2002 , French, Steven P. , Lee, Sugie , Bashyal, Sandeep , Burger, Chip , Cassell, David , Duggal, Mausam , Holt, Jamee , Park, Jean Hee

The purpose of this graduate planning studio was to inform the ongoing regional discussion of possible land use futures for the Atlanta region. This project is intended to help citizens and decision makers understand the scope and type of the land use changes needed to accommodate likely future growth. This project is designed to reinforce other similar efforts that are looking at regional land use issues, such as the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority’s Northern Subarea Study and the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Land Use Vision. Hopefully, the Atlanta Regional Commission will be able to draw from all of these efforts as it prepares the 2030 Regional Development Plan and Regional Transportation Plan. The purpose of this project was not to produce an ideal or optimal plan, but to construct and test a series of distinct alternatives. While the project was careful to use officially prepared population and employment estimates and the best available information on existing land use, students were explicitly instructed not to consider the political feasibility of implementing their alternatives. The alternatives are best thought of as a series of “If… Then” propositions. They are meant to help us understand how an additional 1.1 million residents could be accommodated and what the consequences of the alternative patterns would be.