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    Radiation analysis of SiGe HBT devices and circuits
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-02) Cressler, John D. ; Byers, Ken
    SiGe HBT technology has generated significant interest in the space community because it effectively marries high-speeds, high levels of integration, and low cost capability, and initial results suggest that SiGe has a built-in total ionizing dose (TID) immunity. Single event effect (SEE) mitigation remains a key concern for the deployment of SiGe in space. SEE analysis and understanding in SiGe HBTs (and importantly circuits) require a focused and dedicated effort, and is the subject of this proposal. The overall goal of this program is to continue to enhance our understanding of SiGe HBTs (and particularly the circuits built from them) operating in a radiation environment such as space. We focused on a multiple of topics of importance to the space community, with continued emphasis towards more comprehensive understanding and implementation at the circuit and system level. As in the past, Cressler’s close synergy with the major suppliers of SiGe hardware (eg., IBM, Jazz, TI) will be utilized (at no cost to this effort) in the experimental studies supporting this work.