Mynatt, Elizabeth D.

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inSpace: Co-Designing the Physical and Digital Environment to Support Workplace Collaboration

2008 , Voida, Stephen , McKeon, Matt , Le Dantec, Christopher A. , Forslund, C. , Verma, Puja , McMillan, B. , Bunde-Pedersen, J. , Edwards, W. Keith , Mynatt, Elizabeth D. , Mazalek, Ali

In this paper, we unpack three themes for the multidisciplinary codesign of a physical and digital meeting space environment in supporting collaboration: that social practices should dictate design, the importance of supporting fluidity, and the need for technological artifacts to have a social voice. We describe a prototype meeting space named inSpace that explores how design grounded in these themes can create a user-driven, information-rich environment supporting a variety of meeting types. Our current space includes a table with integrated sensing and ambient feedback, a shared wall display that supports multiple concurrent users, and a collection of storage and infrastructure services for communication, and that also can automatically capture traces of how artifacts are used in the space.