Chatterjee, Abhijit

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    Signal acquisition of high-speed periodic signals using incoherent sub-sampling and back-end signal reconstruction algorithms
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-02) Chatterjee, Abhijit ; Gomes, Alfred V. ; Choi, Hyun
    This paper presents a high-speed periodic signal acquisition technique using incoherent sub-sampling and backend signal reconstruction algorithms. The signal reconstruction algorithms employ a frequency domain analysis for frequency estimation, and suppression of jitter-induced sampling noise. By switching the sampling rate of a digitizer, the analog frequency value of the sampled signal can be recovered. The proposed signal reconstruction uses incoherent sub-sampling to reduce hardware complexity. The results of simulation and hardware experiments indicate that the proposed signal reconstruction algorithms are able to reconstruct multi-tone high-speed periodic signals in the discrete time domain. The new signal acquisition technique simplifies signal acquisition hardware for testing and characterization of high-speed analog and digital signals.
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    Low-cost testing of ADCs and DACs
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-12-01) Chatterjee, Abhijit ; Goyal, Shalabh