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    Lighting the patient room of the future: Evaluating different lighting conditions from the patient perspective
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021) DuBose, Jennifer R. ; Davis, Robert G. ; Campiglia, Gabrielle ; Wilkerson, Andrea ; Zimring, Craig
    This study explores whether “future” lighting systems that provide greater control and opportunity for circadian synchronization are acceptable to participants in the role of patients.Tunable, dimmable light emitting diode(LED)systems provide multiple potential benefits for healthcare. They can provide significant energy savings, support circadian synchronization by varying the spectrum and intensity of light over the course of the day, address nighttime navigation needs, and provide user-friendly control. There is an emerging understanding of the important visual and non-visual effects of light,however, important questions remain about the experience and acceptability of this “future” lighting if we are to adopt it broadly.