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    Wheelchair in-seat monitoring design considerations
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022-10) Sprigle, Stephen ; Sonenblum, Sharon Eve ; Deshpande, Yogesh ; Jordan, Kathleen
    Wheelchair in-seat activity trackers are developed to monitor and provide feedback about the pressure redistributing movements of wheelchair users, including weight shifts and other postural shifts that redistribute buttocks pressures. From a design perspective, in-seat activity trackers reflect myriad design decisions that impact performance, function, and usability. Many, if not all, of these decisions involve interconnections across system components, and can have significant impact on tracker operation and user-experience. Technology developers will have to manage many benefits and trade-offs that accompany design of each subsystem. Two documents were created based upon real-world use of in-seat trackers to briefly identify design criteria and constraints that should be considered.