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    Push Planning for Object Placement in Clutter Using the PR-2
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-09) Emeli, Victor ; Kemp, Charles C. ; Stilman, Mike
    The goal of this project is to investigate the implementation of a planning algorithm for the problem of placing objects on a cluttered surface with a PR-2 mobile manipulator. The original push planning algorithm [1] was initially developed as a simulation. We modified the simulator for execution in real-world cluttered environments. This paper discusses the challenges of implementation and presents empirical results that determine how well the simulator models the real world as clutter is pushed and collides with other objects.
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    Make Your Robot Talk Correctly: Deriving Models of Hybrid System
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-07) Dantam, Neil ; Stilman, Mike ; Egerstedt, Magnus B.
    Using both formal language and differential equations to model a robotic system, we introduce a calculus of transformation rules for the symbolic derivation of hybrid controllers. With a Context-Free Motion Grammar, we show how to test reachability between different regions of state-space and give several symbolic transformations to modify the set of event strings the system may generate. This approach lets one modify the language of the hybrid system, providing a way to change system behavior so that it satisfies linguistic constraints on correct operation.