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Annual reports of the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

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  • Archival Material
    2012-2013 GTRI Annual Report
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013)
  • Archival Material
    The Problem Solvers [2011 GTRI Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
  • Archival Material
    The Problem Solvers [2010 Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
  • Archival Material
    75 [Annual Report 2009]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
    PROBLEM SOLVING. The pioneering Georgia legislators and regents who launched the State Engineering Experiment Station – known today as the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) – would no doubt be pleased if they could see today what they started 75 years ago. While they might not recognize today’s GTRI, the organization’s fundamental purpose would be very familiar: real-world research that solves the toughest problems facing government and industry. For GTRI, the 75th anniversary year was like no other. From record-setting research awards to aggressive hiring of world-class scientists and engineers, GTRI grew not only in size and prestige – but also in impact. In many organizations, this kind of success would provide a well-deserved opportunity to rest on its accomplishments – but not at GTRI. While our people are proud of what they have achieved, their greatest satisfaction comes from regularly seeing the positive impact their work has on the world in which we live. Every day, our problem-solving research touches a broad range of industrial companies and government organizations. It’s a legacy that began 75 years ago and will continue as long as there is a need for innovative solutions to difficult problems. Welcome to GTRI. Problem. Solved.
  • Archival Material
    Problem. Solved. [Annual Report 2008]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
  • Archival Material
    Problem. Solved. [2007 GTRI Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007)
    Problem Solving. Future Building. That’s GTRI – the Georgia Tech Research Institute – a leading university-affiliated applied research center. Our world-class scientists and engineers turn complex challenges into creative, real-world solutions for government and industry…transferring knowledge…and solving tomorrow’s problems today. Proactive and collaborative. GTRI uses an interdisciplinary, team approach to solve problems with unmatched expertise. Our people turn fresh ideas into practical and effective solutions and then put those solutions into action. Since 1934, GTRI has served as a trusted partner to government and industry, solving challenging technical problems and serving as a source of true innovation. Welcome to GTRI. Problem. Solved.
  • Archival Material
    Research for the Real World [2006 GTRI Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
  • Archival Material
    Illuminating the Future [2001 GTRI Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001)
    At the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the light of innovation is built on a commitment to gaining and applying new knowledge to meet research challenges. Read our latest Annual Report to learn about the directions in which our light is shining.
  • Archival Material
    Securing America's Future [2002 GTRI Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
    Recent world events have led many people to re-examine their assumptions about what the future holds. Will the future be safe? Will it be remotely similar to the past? How do we prepare for the future in a world that has changed? Here at GTRI, we asked ourselves the same questions -- and in some cases, we looked to our research for answers.
  • Archival Material
    Setting the Course of Innovation [2003 GTRI Annual Report]
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Leaders establish standards of excellence. They innovate. Their work defines the future. At GTRI, the pursuit of excellence, innovation, and an exciting future are energized and enabled through collaboration with our customers. We lead together, inventing technical solutions to important and challenging problems facing Georgia, the nation, and the world. We are helping to define the twenty-first century research university. We are Setting the Course of Innovation.