Academic Violation Statistics

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  • Term - First day of a semester through the day before the next semester.
  • Primary Violation - The most important and underlying aspect/charge of the case.

Three Areas of Statistical Data

1. Charges Data

  • Each case is calculated by the primary violation of the case, therefore may be more charges within one case. Additional charges are not reflected in this data.
  • Data is divided into colleges. The courses listed are the courses in which cases most often occur.
  • Departments: College of Architecture, College of Computing, College of Engineering, Du Pree College of Management, Ivan Allen College, College of Sciences, Other Campus Departments/Offices.
  • Charges, with examples:
    C1: Unauthorized Access - Possessing cheat sheetsin tests, looking on someone else’s test without their knowledge
    C2: Unauthorized Collaboration - Helping someone with homework that should be done on your own giving someone access to answers on a test, stealing a test
    C3: Plagiarism - Plagiarism
    C4: Falsification of Work - Turning in “word” as your own
    C5: Alteration of Grade - Changing your test grade in a grade book
    C6: Deliberate Falsification - A false re-grade request
    C7: Forgery - Copying work and passing it on as your own

2. Hearing Data

  • Applies to the persons hearing the case.
  • SAD= Senior Associate Dean of Student Life
  • AD= Assistant Dean
  • Dir, OSI= Director, Office of Student Integrity
  • JC= Judicial Coordinator
  • HC= Honor Committee

3. Sanctions Data

  • There may be other sanctions given in a given term. The sanctions listed are the most common.
  • Non Grade Related Sanction: Sanctions not associated with the course grade such as: community service, paper


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